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Oil Tec for oils & detergents
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Oil Tec is specialist in refining (refineries) of sunflower, soya bean, corn, palm, vegitable, olein, cooking, frying, salad oils and packed (Packing) in p.e.t (PET) bottles, jerry cans. bulk, steel drums, flexi tanks and IBC Oil Tec is specialist in manufacturing of soap laundry soap and toilet, perfumed, bar soap Oil Tec was founded in 1999. As a fully Egyptian owned enterprise, built on a heritage of experience in the oils and soap sectors since 1940. Facilities along forerunners decades of professional soap manufacturing and experience basis, then engaged in oils refinery, mixing, filling and then plastic bottles manufacturing to achieve a completed safe foodstuff oil production. The ISO-22000:2005 food safety assurance system has been performed in factory strictly, as well as ISO-9001:2008 and ISO 18001:2007 offer highest quality products in reasonable pricing to satisfy all customers of the markets worldwide.


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